Azim Felix is a well-known music artist/entertainer, professionally known as “Blacfyah”. Blacfyah was born on the 26th October 1988 in Grenada West Indies and was raised there. In his earlier days growing up in Grenada, Blacfyah attended Crochu R.C and J.W Fletcher Primary School; He went on to attend the Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS) located in the capital St. Georges. Blacfyah dropped out at the age of 16 and started working to earn a living.

Blacfyah always had a passion for music and started singing in secondary school, reciting songs from famous artists such as Buju Banton, Beenieman, Bountykiller, Sizzla, Vybz Kartel and more amongst his peers.

Growing up as a youth in the community of Mamma Cannes St Andrews, Blacfyah's passion for music stems from his uncle and cousin who are also musically talented and was naturally inspired by them. Blacfyah would regularly accompany them on visits to the studio, joining in by freestyling over beats. Blacfyah wrote and recorded his first Dancehall song in 2011 named "Tru de paper," and followed up with a Soca “Massacre” as his second release later that year, both produced by Skyper.

At the beginning of Blacfyah’s musical career, he went by the name “Nah Run”, as he would never back down from a lyrical challenge. Through the passage of time, he evolved into the name “Blacfyah”. Blacfyah has been featured in several shows, one being "Real Reggae," feat Chris Martin and Bugle where he was one of the opening artists. In 2013 he released his first official video named "Pickney fe eat" which was produced by Afiba Mcqueen.

Blacfyah continued to release music over the years from singles, mixtapes and more recently in 2019 his debut album. He has a growing catalogue of music now available on many different platforms e.g: Apple Music, Spotify and many more. Blacfyah’s versatility sees him displaying his craft over many different genres of music, ranging from Reggae, Soca, Hip Hop, Trap and UK Grime with Dancehall being his preferred style, always looking to explore in different fields.

Blacfyah has recorded and written with numerous of Grenadian and international producers/DJs from countries such as St.Kitts, U.S.A, Canada, Jamaica, Norway and most recently the U.K with Producer/ DJ Assassin (DAM Records). Blacfyah has collaborated with various other artists in the industry such as Norris Man, Chico, Stylo G (Warning Crew), Tanso (J.O.P), Littlez (Smoke Boys), MPS Deva, Lauren Coffie and many more. Blacfyah’s most recent project “Dancehall Fanatik” released on the 31st October 2019,  shows his incredible talent and has created his own lane in the music industry.